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Article: Upgrade Your Skin Prep Routine for Flawless-Looking Makeup with PUR!

Upgrade Your Skin Prep Routine for Flawless-Looking Makeup with PUR! - PÜR

Upgrade Your Skin Prep Routine for Flawless-Looking Makeup with PUR!

When doing your makeup, it is super important to prep your skin before applying any foundation or complexion products! Prepping your skin can help your makeup apply smoothly and will help your makeup look better throughout the day. This week in the blog, we are sharing our favorite skin prep products to help you give yourself a flawless-looking complexion!

Start with Freshly Cleansed Skin

The first step in our skin prep routine is a cleanser! Forever Clean is a Gentle Cleanser that helps replenish skin and restore balance to the complexion as it helps gently remove any dirt or makeup. Formulated with Green Tea, Ginseng, and Vitamin B, Forever Clean helps hydrate and soothe the look of skin, making it a perfect first step in a skin prep routine!

Hydrate Your Undereyes

After cleansing your skin, we recommend applying our Mellow Eyes Help Hydrogel Rejuvenating Eye Patches! These undereye patches are great for skin prep as they help reduce the look of puffiness and brighten and smooth the look of your undereye area. Formulated with Cucumber Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Argan Oil, these hydrogel eye patches help plump and prep the undereyes. We recommend applying Mellow Eyes after cleansing your skin and leaving them on for 10-20 minutes while you do the rest of your skin prep.

Apply a Multitasking Serum

Next, we recommend applying our Go with the Glow Niacinamide Drops to help give your skin a more radiant-looking glow! These multitasking drops are great for makeup prep as they help lock in hydration and soothe and soften the look of skin. Formulated with Squalane, Vitamin C, and a Superfood Blend, Go with the Glow helps even the look of skin for a brighter-looking appearance.

Don’t Forget Moisturizer!

As the last step of your skin prep routine, we recommend applying Cloud Cream to help hydrate, soothe, smooth and prime your complexion. This dreamy, all-in-one Gel-to-Water Hydrating Essence Moisturizer deeply hydrates skin as it preps for makeup application. Formulated with Aloe and Green Tea Extract, Cloud Cream helps reduce the look of dark spots and redness as it quickly absorbs into the skin before you apply any complexion products.

To shop for more skin prep products to add to your makeup routine, or other best selling skincare and beauty products, head to

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