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    Nothing is quite as refreshing a face mist. Whether it’s been a long work day, new, fun plans just popped up into your daily schedule or you just need a quick beauty pick-me-up, face mists can be very hydrating… and invigorating. Everyone can benefit from a hydrating face spray that instantly moisturizes dry, tired and stressed skin! A favorite among professional makeup artists, Instagram beauty loyalists and beauty bloggers alike, face mist is an easy way to refresh your makeup and set it in place beautifully. Face mists can help set mineral makeup, like a ride-or-die face powder, for long-lasting perfection. Face mists can also help revitalize the look of dull, tired skin and hydrate a dry or stagnant, dull complexion for an effortless glow that looks and feels refreshed. The best kind of face mists are the ones with good-for-you skincare ingredients. Some face mists can help protect against signs of aging caused by high energy visible blue light. We are partial to face mists that are cruelty free. Try a new face mist today. A spritz or two of a hydrating face mist can go a long way in helping you feel and look more refreshed and hydrated throughout the day.
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