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Article: Our Must-Have Hemp Infused Beauty and Skincare Products

Our Must-Have Hemp Infused Beauty and Skincare Products - PÜR Beauty

Our Must-Have Hemp Infused Beauty and Skincare Products

Hemp Seed Oil is getting the spotlight this week on the blog as this skindulgent ingredient is filled with amazing benefits for the skin! February 4th is National Hemp Day, and in honor of this holiday we are going to be going through the uses of Hemp and how you can implement it in your routines. If you are curious about the use of Hemp and how we implement it in our products, this blog is for you!


What is Hemp?

What Is Hemp, Anyway?
Before we dive into Hemp infused skincare and makeup, let’s start with the basics. Hemp is a legal ingredient that is derived from Cannabis but is grown specifically for industrial or medicinal use. Hemp is used for a variety of products and activities such as clothing, gardening, cooking, composting, and most importantly—beauty! When Hemp Seed Oil is used in beauty products, it brings soothing and hydrating qualities to the skin. If you are interested in adding Hemp into your skincare and makeup routines, here are a few of our favorite products to get you started.

Mellow Eyes Hemp Infused Eye Patches

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Hemp-Infused Undereye Patches
First up on our Hemp-infused faves are our Mellow Eyes Hemp Infused Eye Patches! These skincare-infused undereye patches help reduce the look of puffiness while brightening and smoothing the appearance of the undereye area. Formulated with Hemp Seed Oil, Green Tea, and Cooling Cucumber Extract, these indulgent eye patches help retain skin’s moisture and address signs of aging, leaving the skin looking fresh, brighter and more revitalized looking.

On Point Mascara

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Dramatic Lashes
Next up on our Hemp highlights is our On Point Mascara! This lash-loving Mascara with Hemp lifts and curls the look of lashes for a natural, fanned-out lash definition look. Formulated with Hemp Seed Oil, Biotin, and Sunflower Seed Oil, this mascara helps to hydrate and moisturize lashes while nurturing the delicate skin around the lash-line with skincare ingredients. With 4-in-1 benefits including lash defining, lengthening and conditioning, this buildable mascara is perfect for everyday wear.

Visionary Eye Palette

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Dreamy Eyeshadow
Our Extreme Visionary 12-Piece Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette with Hemp is a warm toned eyeshadow palette that is full of ultra-creamy mattes, metallic pastels and neutral eyeshadow shades that build and blend seamlessly together to create endless color combinations. Each color is infused with Hemp Seed Oil, Green Tea Extract, and Ginseng Root Extract for a moisture-rich, high-pigment color. This luxe 12-piece eyeshadow palette allows you to create endless eyeshadow that are irresistibly dreamy.

No Filter Blurring Photographer Primer

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Prismatic Primer
Last but not least, our No Filter Blurring Photographer Primer helps conceal the look of imperfections and skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles for a natural, radiant-looking finish. Formulated with PUR’s Proprietary Ceretin Complex, Hemp Seed Oil, and Prismatic Blurring Micro-Pearls, this radiating primer helps to gently improve the look of skin tone and gives skin a luminescent glow look as it blurs the appearance of imperfections.

To shop more best selling PUR makeup and skincare that features Hemp Seed Oil and other skin-dulgent ingredients, head to to see the other skin-loving products we have to offer!

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