Don't Let Acne Steal Your Spotlight

Acne is the worst. Cystic or not “ it’s like an annoying younger sibling that shows up and steals your spotlight when you are having a good day. Pus-filled pimples, blackheads and red, irritated bumps are all signs of acne and pop up for lack of a better term “  when pores are clogged with oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. Though some acne is hereditary, acne breakouts can be triggered by hormonal changes including those caused by birth control, other medications, or too much sugar and carbohydrates. (Read: Too much pizza.) More annoyingly, these rude interruptions may leave behind permanent scarring reminding you of acne past even when your breakouts cease.

Severe acne may require a prescription from a dermatologist, but taking preventative steps to curb what we can control is key. “Getting on a good skin-care regimen, avoiding picking, popping, or traumatizing the skin, and protecting it with SPF so it does not darken are important ways to avoid acne scarring,” said dermatologist Annie Chiu in a recent article.

Sure, bursting those suckers gives you instant satisfaction, but it could cause more harm than good. (Actually, don’t burst them at all AND stop touching your face.)

First, to prevent breakouts all together, make sure you are removing your makeup at night and using a clarifying and deep pore cleanser that targets oil without drying it out such as In the Clear morning and night. It’s Lactic Acid gently exfoliates the skin while its Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial properties that help curb breakouts. “Not all oils are bad for oily skin,” said Rachel Sullivan, Director of Product Development at PÜR. Oily skin is caused by the skin’s own attempt to moisturize itself with sebum.

Adding an exfoliating mask like Dirty Girl to your weekly regimen also helps decrease the likelihood of your pores getting clogged with dead skin cells. “It’s detoxfying clay, sulfur and acne-fighting Salicylic Acid help exfoliate the skin and kill bacteria,”Sullivan told Forbes. Masks can also be used more frequently as a spot treatment.

Sun protection is also essential for already sensitive skin. It helps curb the hyperpigmentation sometimes left behind from a breakout. Rescue Squad adds moisture, SPF 25, smoothing and firming peptides to curb signs of aging, and fights the visible signs of stressed skin. (Moisturizing is essential because dehydrated skin can quickly start to show lines and wrinkles.) Rescue Squad is literally like your grime-fighting, daily skin savior. Don’t let your acne take center stage. Start a skin care regimen that prevents breakouts not just corrects blemishes.