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Article: Tips On How to Do Your Makeup Like a Pro MUA

Tips On How to Do Your Makeup Like a Pro MUA - PÜR

Tips On How to Do Your Makeup Like a Pro MUA

Are you wondering how celebrities and influencers always have picture-perfect makeup? We reached out to professional makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, who is a LA based makeup artists with celebrity clients such as Radisha Jones and Kaley Cuoco, to find out her tips and tricks so our makeup can be flawless for all of your upcoming holiday parties this season.


Forever Clean Gentle Cleanser

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Step 1: Start with Clean Skin

Starting with clean skin is an essential first step for any MUA approved makeup routine. Making sure that you are starting with a blank slate is the best way to ensure that your end result can look its best. We love starting with Forever Clean Gentle Cleanser to remove excess oil and help restore balance to the complexion. See why Jamie is so passionate about starting with clean skin below:


“I like to compare prepping your skin to preparing a canvas for a painting—you’re literally preparing your skin for the makeup you’re about to put on it!”


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Step 2: Don’t Skip Out on Skincare!

Using a brightening serum can help take your makeup to the next level. We love using Go with the Glow Niacinamide Drops to add a radiant-looking glow to the skin to help reduce redness and promote a brighter, plumper-looking complexion. Having a hydrating skincare routine before applying makeup will help your makeup last longer and look more natural throughout the day. We love what Jamie had to say about skincare below:


“Great skincare isn’t even an option… it’s like drinking water. EVERYONE NEEDS IT! Half of a good makeup look comes from prepping the skin beforehand. Cleansing, hydrating, using SPF… all of that contributes so much to the looks you see on red carpets or Instagram. On top of that, the better your skincare routine, the less makeup you need to achieve that gorgeous glow we all strive for. It’s a no brainer… take care of your skin!” 


On Point Eyeshadow Palettes - Saturday

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Step 3: Eyes Before Face

Applying your eye makeup before going in with foundation and/or concealer allows you to clean up any fallen eyeshadow or smudged eyeliner without messing up your base. This is especially true if you are going in with darker eyeshadow colors that may have fallout. One of our favorite palettes for holiday parties is our On Point Eyeshadow Palette in shade “Saturday (Bolds).” This color story is so fun for holiday glam and can help you create the perfect smoky eye. See Jamie’s technique for applying eyeshadow below:


“Don’t be afraid to blend some darker colors in the corners of your eyes. Some days I like to put a lighter shade on my lid and blend darker into the corner and some days I like to do dark on my lid and get lighter as I go up. I love the idea of using [eyeshadow] as an eyeliner as well.”


4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20

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Step 4: Don’t Go Too Heavy with Foundation

When doing a full glam makeup look, there is no need to pile on foundation! We love using a tinted moisturizer like our 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 when doing party makeup as it is more comfortable on the skin and allows your natural skin to shine through (especially with the proper skincare!). See why Jamie reaches for our tinted moisturizer below:


“It moisturizes, primes, covers, and protects from the sun. The ingredients are amazing: Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe and Vitamin E to hydrate, Ceretin Complex with Retinol to diminish the look of lines and wrinkles, and Chamomile and Shea Butter to help soothe.”


Silky Pout Creamy Lip Chubby

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Step 5: Neutral Lips to Balance Out Sparkly Eyes

When doing a bold smoky eye, we like to balance out our look with a neutral lip. Our Silky Pout Creamy Lip Chubby in shade Blushing Rose is a perfect dusty nude to pair with a dark eye look. Silky Pout has a creamy skincare-infused formula that helps to condition and protect lips while leaving a natural flush of pigment rich color. See Jamie’s review on our Lip Chubbies below:


“These are so easy to swipe on. They feel great. You can layer them, wear them alone, and or put a gloss on top of it. And of course, they’re good for you.”


If you try out any of these tips for your next holiday party or event, be sure to tag us @purcosmetics so we can check out your looks! To see more of our bestselling beauty and skincare products, head over to



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