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Article: Why You Need an Eye Care Routine

Why You Need an Eye Care Routine - PÜR

Why You Need an Eye Care Routine

The under-eye area often gets overlooked, as we are prone to cover our dark circles with layers of concealer instead of trying to fix the issue. Taking care of the under eye area can help reduce the look of puffiness, dark under eye circles, and dry under eyes. In this blog, we are going to be going through three different products to implement into your eye care routine with the help of award-winning dermatologist, Dr. Hadley King.


Tone Up Niacinamide Firming Eye Serum

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Yes, You Should Be Using an Eye Cream

Using an eye cream helps to smooth the under eyes, as well as help with dark circles and fine lines. Tone Up, our Niacinamide Firming Eye Serum has an antioxidant rich formula that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet. This lightweight, cooling eye serum helps reduce the look of puffy, tired under eyes for plumper, softer-looking skin. Niacinamide is the key ingredient in Tone Up as it helps to even the appearance of skin tone and texture while addressing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When we asked Dr. King about Tone Up, and specifically about Niacinamide, she said: 

“Niacinamide is also a potent antioxidant that brightens skin by fading hyperpigmentation and reducing redness. And it increases the skin's production of ceramides, which help strengthen the skin barrier, preventing loss of moisture. The Tone Up Niacinamide Firming Eye Serum is a great way to incorporate this multi-tasking ingredient into your skincare routine. I love the lightweight texture and cooling sensation that soothes and can help to de-puff.”


Mellow Eyes Hemp-Infused Eye Patches


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Skincare Is Fun!

Under eye patches are a great way to give some extra TLC to your under eyes. Our best selling Mellow Eyes Hemp Infused Eye Patches help reduce the look of puffiness, brighten and smooth the appearance of the under-eye area. Formulates with Hemp Seed Oil, Green Tea, and Cooling Cucumber Extract, these nutrient-rich eye patches help seal in moisture while revitalizing tired, dehydrated under eyes. We love to use these under eyes first thing in the morning to help refresh skin before taking on the day. See why Dr. King loves Mellow Eyes below:

“PUR Mellow Eyes Hemp Infused Eye Patches have a great texture and are fun to use! Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate hydrate the skin and Hemp Seed Oil and Argan Oil support the skin barrier, to help make the skin look plump, smooth and healthy.” 

**Pro Tip: Store Mellow Eyes in the fridge to add an extra cooling sensation to the under eyes.

HydraGel Lift Under Eye Perfecting Primer

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Say Goodbye to Puffy Under Eyes

Pamper your eyes and improve your look as you achieve the perfect eye makeup application with this hydrating, all-purpose, cooling HydraGel Lift Under Eye Perfecting Primer! Formulated with a blend of Caffeine and an Encapsulated Water Complex, this unique under eye primer helps prep and smooth the skin under the eye for an instantly brighter, firmer, lifted look while blurring imperfections for easier concealer application. See what Dr. King has to say about the benefits of HydraGel Lift below:

“Caffeine can constrict superficial blood vessels in the under-eye area, resulting in decreased puffiness. It can also enhance the absorption of other ingredients.”


To see more eye care products, or other best selling skincare and beauty products, head over to


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