Is Your Skincare Age Appropriate?

Needs change. As the skin ages, it requires different nutrients to keep it healthy and looking vibrant. The key to looking fabulous at any age is prevention, protection and the right products. It is best to consult an aesthetician or dermatologist to get an analysis of the skin and to address any skin concerns. Here are some basics to consider when picking skincare.


Focus on cleansing. This is the perfect time for those who haven’t invested in a proper skin care regimen to do so. Skin is more likely to be oily and blemish-prone due to lingering adolescent acne and lack of proper care. Also, females may experience heightened skin issues due to hormonal birth control. Identify whether skin is sensitive, oily, dry, or combination? A cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sun protection based on skin type is a good start. A skin-loving makeup remover is also a good investment. Those cheap towelettes are laced with ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin and can be overdrying. Remember, removing makeup is not the same as washing the face. Cleansing and toning after makeup removal , especially if using long-wear products , is essential and so is sun protection. It needs to be worn everyday , no exceptions.

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Focus on the eyes. It may be starting to show how much a certain someone enjoyed their 20s or how much sleep they haven’t gotten since they’ve had children. Fine lines and dark circles may be more noticeable. Pores may appear larger and skin may appear less smooth due to its natural exfoliation rate decreasing by half. This is the time to add an eye cream with a humectant like squalane or a plumping peptide. To keep the skin bright and smooth, add an exfoliator to the regimen. It can be a manual exfoliator like a mask or scrub or a chemical exfoliator like a retinol, enzymes, or hydroxy acids. Sun protection is crucial when using an exfoliator. It can make skin more sensitive to the sun so an SPF needs to be worn daily.

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Focus on elasticity. The neck and chest may start to look crepey. Fine lines, wrinkles, droopiness around the eyes and sagging skin may start to appear. These are all signs of loss of elasticity. Adding a serum, eye cream, or a moisturizer with peptides can help stimulate collagen production to improve the look of the skin.

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Over 50

Focus on moisture. Anti-aging moisturizers aren’t going to magically take 20 years off the face or make up for decades of improper care, but it will give the skin what it needs to look its best. Lines and wrinkles in skin over fifty can deepen as skin starts to thin and sag. Hyperpigmentation and blotchiness can also increase. Nourishing the skin with moisture and continue a nighttime regimen of retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, amino acids, and other firming and retexturizing ingredients to keep skin from becoming rough, flaky and dull.

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