Is It Time to Fire Up Your Makeup

Life would be so much easier if we had enough time in the day to get everything done without breaking a sweat. Our lives are not so easy and though the internet has us believing that we have just as many hours in our day as Beyonce, many of us are still running a few minutes behind and often on empty sans entourage. Though the idea of “waking up flawless” is a self-loving mantra we can get behind, we slather on our retinol, masks and night creams as insurance.

We are busy. Our calendars are filled with obligations from work or school with slivers of time for errands and appointments. We need the work that we put into our beauty routine to pay off at the end of the day instead of giving up and rubbing off. Is there a such thing as beauty that keeps up with the demands of a #girlboss on the go?

We don’t have time for our makeup to fail us. We don’t have time to fix it if it does. That’s more work for us and less time to tend to the things that matter in our lives. How do we put our best face forward when our contour is taking a break? We have to ask, does your makeup live up to your lifestyle or is it time to fire your foundation?

Your makeup must smarten up. It should be working as hard as you do. It’s true, we know what we want out of our lives  even our relationships more than we know what we want out of our makeup. It’s part of knowing who we are as a person. We’ve become complacent, afraid to try new things, shuffling through that drawer of lipsticks to get to an old faithful even if you don’t love it like you used to.

We should shop for makeup like we’re looking for our next employee: does it have longevity in the industry? Do we have the same values? Can it multitask? Does it mix well with others? Is it willing to work late nights and evenings if necessary? We should spend more time reading the labels and checking references online.

Sometimes, being a boss means making hard decisions. And, sometimes it means letting go of makeup that doesn’t work for you. It’s time to say goodbye to bad makeup. Your skin will thank you.