PÜR X BARBIE™ 10-Piece Collection
Celebrate your individual beauty with eye-catching makeup and nourishing skincare in this limited-edition PÜR x Barbie™ collection that was curated in celebration of the 60 year anniversary of Barbie™. This celebratory collection helps you bring out your inner girl boss with fierce colors, bold pigments and high-performance beauty products that are sure to take your confidence to new heights! Showcase your endless potential with both wearable neutrals and inspiring pops of color that complement and flatter all skin types and tones…for finished beauty looks that wow!

Formulated with PÜR’s skin-loving ingredients and proprietary technology, this PÜR x Barbie™ collection will become a beauty collector's piece in any arsenal with feel-good products that make it easy to create looks that are truly iconic. Treat yourself—and your skin—to this curated selection of makeup, skincare and makeup brush products designed to spark your imagination, expression and discovery to keep you looking and feeling your absolute best. Look, feel and live however you want with this collection that embraces and highlights the inner-Barbie™ and true uniqueness found in each of us!