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Article: Yes, You Need to Use an Eyeshadow Primer. Here Is Why!

Yes, You Need to Use an Eyeshadow Primer. Here Is Why! - PÜR
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Yes, You Need to Use an Eyeshadow Primer. Here Is Why!

It’s all in the eyes.

While the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul” has always been a staple, there is nothing quite like wearing a face mask 24/7 to give us all a newfound appreciation for our peepers. Eye makeup sales have skyrocketed in the past year, and it is no wonder that glittery eyeshadow and bedazzled eyelids  have taken center stage. In the year of 2021, it is clear that the key to self-expression is truly all in the eyes.

But before you go dipping a brush into your favorite eyeshadow palette, let’s make sure to cover the base (literally). Just like you would prime your complexion for a smooth foundation application, you need to ensure that you properly prime the eyes if you want to make your colour last. 

New to the eyeshadow primer game? No problem! Keep on scrolling to discover why an eyeshadow primer is so important to a beauty routine, plus a few of our PUR picks just for you:

Primer is the key to a smooth application.

Whether you have dry eyelids, oily lids or were blessed with a balanced complexion, using an eyeshadow primer is the first step to a smooth eyeshadow application. Applying a lightweight primer to the lid creates a seamless canvas for your shadow and brush to glide across. Choosing a formula with skincare-infused ingredients that help control oil and soothe dry skin is also a must!

Our Pick: Get a Grip Endurance Eyeshadow Primer | A nude primer infused with Agave and Clay to help absorb oil and grip eyeshadow colour for eye looks that last.

Primer helps prevent smudging.

Have you ever spent hours on your makeup, only to look in the mirror a few hours later to find it smeared across your face? Of course you have. *Enter a solid eyeshadow primer* Prepping your eyelid before makeup application is the key to helping beauty looks stay in place. Not only primer great for eyeshadow color, but it also helps prevent liquid and gel eyeliners from smudging across the eyelid.

Pro tip: Experiment with a Mascara Primer to help prevent smudging or fading too! This ensures that the entire eye area is locked in place and that your favorite mascara won’t overshadow your bold eyeshadow look.

Our Pick: Fully Charged Mascara Primer | Powered by Magnetic Technology, this mascara primer helps volumize and lengthen the look of natural lashes while holding mascara in place.

Primer locks makeup in place.

Like we said, makeup that is locked in place is makeup that is here to stay. Whether you prefer to go au-naturale or full on glam, creating a flawless eye look takes time and energy. So don’t waste it! Using an eyeshadow primer with a longwear formula—both under the eye and on the eye lid—will ensure that you makeup lasts through the coffee runs, work meetings, kids carpool, dinner dates and more. It also helps prevent your eyeshadow or concealer from creasing as the day goes on.

Our Pick: HydraGel Lift Under Eye Perfecting Primer | Preps and smooths the under-eye area to help brighten and firm the look of skin look. Silky smooth formula helps deliver flawless concealer application that is both long-lasting and crease free.

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