Why You Should be Cocktailing Your Mascara for Your Best-Looking Lashes Yet!

Did you know that you can customize your mascara by mixing and matching different mascara formulas? This week in the blog, we're sharing all the details on mascara cocktailing and our PURfect lash combinations!

What is Mascara Cocktailing?

Mascara cocktailing is when you mix two or more mascaras together to create a custom look. For example, if you have one mascara that helps lengthen your lashes, and one mascara that helps volumize your lashes, you can apply them together to get length and volume! Begin by applying whichever mascara has a thinner formula on the lashes, and then top it off with another mascara to create your perfect lash!

For Extra Length + Volume

The first mascara cocktail we love is Fully Charged Mascara Primer Powered By Magnetic Technology and Fully Charged Mascara Powered By Magnetic Technology! The Fully Charged Primer provides the perfect base for the Fully Charged Mascara as it helps add extra length and volume in one swipe. Once the primer has been applied to your lashes, add a swipe of Fully Charged Mascara to help lift, separate, and define each lash for fabulous lashes that wow!

For Extra Length + Definition

The next mascara cocktail we love is Fully Charged Mascara Powered By Magnetic Technology and Big Look Lengthening Mascara With Argan Oil! Fully Charged helps strengthen, thicken, lengthen and separate lashes, while Big Look helps take lashes to longer lengths. We recommend applying Big Look first to help lengthen lashes with the clump-resistant mascara wand before applying Fully Charged to add extra definition.

For Extra Volume + Drama

Another must-try mascara cocktail that we love is Big Look Lengthening Mascara With Argan Oil and On Point Mascara With Hemp! Big Look helps evenly coat lashes with game-changing volume while On Point helps strengthen, lengthen and thicken the look of lashes. We recommend applying On Point first to help define the look of lashes before applying Big Look to add extra drama for longer, more volumized-looking lashes.

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