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Article: Pucker Up! Get Your Lips Spring Ready in 3 Easy Steps

Pucker Up! Get Your Lips Spring Ready in 3 Easy Steps - PÜR Beauty

Pucker Up! Get Your Lips Spring Ready in 3 Easy Steps

One of the best parts about spring is getting to switch up your skin care and beauty routine for the warmer months. From an SPF moisturizer, toner and skincare exfoliator to adding a more hydrating serum and skin treatment into your skin care routine—spring is the time to help refresh the look of your complexion and prep for that summertime glow. And while our skin tends to get a lot of attention in the warm weather (hello, don’t forget sunscreen), there is one very important part of the face that we tend to overlook: the lips.

That’s right, your pout deserves the same love and attention that you give to your skin. Not only are the lips more delicate than your complexion, but between all that talking, chewing and breathing, they put in the work. So, treat your lips to some TLC this spring with 3 easy steps that will help rev up your lip routine:

1. Exfoliate Your Pout

Exfoliation is key to polishing away dry, dull skin—even on the lips. If you tend to have lips that are cracked or peeling, work in a light lip exfoliation 1-2x a week. This will help sluff away chapped skin while giving the lips a refreshing pick-me-up (something we could all use for spring.) To help exfoliate, feel free to use a gentle sugar scrub that is specifically formulated for the lips or apply your favorite face exfoliator to the pout in gentle circular motions.

2. Apply a Lip Treatment

Yet again, just like your skin, your lips need their own special treatment—preferably in the form of an actual lip treatment. Similar to lip balms, a lip treatment tends to have a thicker texture that coats the lips in nourishing skincare ingredients and helps lock in moisture. Applying a lip treatment throughout the week (or throughout the day) will help indulge your lips to the hydrating ingredients they need to look their best, while giving you the perfect base to lay a matte red lipstick or shiny nude lip gloss.

Reach For: Forever Soft Rejuvenating Lip Treatment | Formulated with CBD and Sunflower Oil, this Rejuvenating Lip Treatment wraps the lips in a cooling sensation and helps instantly nourish the skin for a softer, smoother-looking pout.

3. Mix Makeup and Skincare

No, we aren’t saying to mix your moisturizer into your lipstick—because we’ve already done it for you (sort of). The beauty of PÜR is that all of our products are infused with skincare inspired ingredients that help indulge the skin while you wear them. The same holds true for our lip products! Next time you want to rock a bold lip or a nude pout, make sure to choose multi-tasking products that cater to your lips needs while helping you look utterly stunning. Finding a staple lipstick or lip gloss that features hydrating ingredients like CBD, Vitamin E and Fruit Extracts will help nourish the lips and leave your pout looking soft and supple.

Reach For: 4-in-1 Lip Duo | Flaunt your lips however you choose with this versatile Lip Duo that features a creamy, matte lip stain on one end and a hydrating lip oil on the other. Packed with Agave, Cranberry and Sunflower Oil, this highly pigmented Lip Duo moisturizes and nourishes the lips while coating them in stand-out colour.


Hybrid Balm CBD Hydrating Tinted Lip and Cheek Balm | When “natural” lip days are calling, indulge your lips to the Hybrid Balm that nourishes, moisturizes and hydrates the lips with the help of CBD, Shea Butter and Vitamin C.

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