Join In on the Viral Siren Eyes Trend with a Beginner Tutorial

If you are an avid Tik-Toker or frequently read updates from the beauty community, then you have likely heard of the “siren eyes” makeup trend. This sultry look is created with smoky winged eyeliner that creates a lifted eye look for added intensity. If you’re curious about what a siren eye look is or how to create the look yourself, we’ve got you covered.  


What Are Siren Eyes?

Let’s start by figuring out what siren eyes even are before trying to learn how to recreate it. Siren eyes is a trend based around an eyeshadow technique that is similar to our known-and-loved winged eyeliner. What is different from siren eyes and winged liner is the smudgy-sharp fox eye look. The siren eye is designed to help you embrace your inner femininity with a dramatic, dark eye that lifts the eye. This makeup technique elongates the look of eyes for an ultimate feline look.

 "Saturday" On Point Eyeshadow Palettes

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“Saturday” On Point Eyeshadow Palette


How to Achieve Siren Eyes with PUR “Saturday” On Point Eyeshadow Palette


 1. Start the Base

The first step regarding the siren eye look is setting the base of your eye look. Using our Saturday On Point Eyeshadow Palette, go in with shade Risqué (a light beige) all over the lid with a fluffy blending brush to gently blend out any harsh lines. You’ll want to keep the base of the eyes simple so the eyeliner can stand out. Adding eyeshadow before applying the eyeliner will make other eyeshadow hues easier to blend on top.


 2. Blend Color on Lash Line Halfway Up Lid

Take shade Walk of Shame (a deep emerald) and apply it along your lash line and continue to the outer edge of your crease. Blend this eyeshadow color upwards to where it is a little less than halfway up your eyelid. This is going to create a diffused, smudgy eye makeup look. Use a smaller, denser brush to make it easier to control where the color goes.


3. Add Some Depth

Next, with a small, dense blending eyeshadow brush, go in with Nightcap (a dark grey) on the lash line in the same motion you would use to apply eyeliner. Carefully create a wing with the same Nightcap shadow starting on the edge of the eye and gently winging the eyeshadow outwards. It is okay if your wing is a little messy! This will add dimension to your eye look.


4.Time For the Liner

On top of the shadow eyeliner you have already created, go in with On Point Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen to create a winged eyeliner. This eyeliner should be right on the lash line and should wing out to the approximate length of your brow, depending on the level of drama you want in the look. Once you have your wing, apply a small line in a V-shape to your inner corner. This step elevates the cat-eye inspired look.


5. Add to Your Lower Lash Line

If you want to fully embody the siren eyes trend, apply shades Walk of Shame (a deep emerald) and Nightcap (a dark grey) in the same order you applied on the upper lash line to your bottom lash line with a small blending brush.


6. Blend, Blend, Blend

Now that all of your eyeliner is on, take a dense eyeshadow brush and blend all three colors (Walk of Shame, Nightcap, and On Point Liquid Eyeliner) on the upper lash line together. Keep this eye look smoky and smudgy but be careful not to go overboard. The darker eyeshadow colors shouldn’t cover the whole eyelid.


7. Clean it Up

Take a clean makeup wipe or apply makeup remover on a Q-Tip and clean up eyeshadow beneath your wing if necessary.


8. Bring on the Lashes!

Finish off the look with Fully Charged Mascara Powered by Magnetic Technology on the top and bottom lashes and enjoy your on-trend, lifted eyeshadow look!