How to be a Rockstar (or How to Look Like One)

Every star you’ve ever loved has a look. Whether it’s Kim Kardashian’s contour and curves or Zooey Deschanel’s quirky-cool bangs, they all have an undeniably, unmistakable style. Personal style is personal, but it takes some work (and help) to figure out how to create a signature. According to celebrity makeup artist Amy Strozzi, it starts with knowing what you want and knowing what you don’t want (Insert diva moment here).

“It’s always interesting working with talent that is just getting started in the industry, especially young musicians! Most of them have a very strong idea of what they want to look like, but it takes a few tries and a lot of opinions to decide on a look that suits the artist but is also marketable,” said Strozzi who created singer Banks’ sentimental look.

“When I met Banks she hadn’t released anything yet, we had a clean slate. We knew these images would be impactful, so they had to encompass her sultriness but also leave you with a sense of mystery… who is this girl?”

It worked. Her album Goddess has been in heavy rotation since its release in 2014. The gritty nature of the So-Cal girl mixes intensely with her extreme vulnerability. It appeals to our emo side.

Back to Banks. “At the time, she had strong feelings about colors used on her, cool browns rather than warm browns, and I don’t think she wanted black at all. She has fantastic brows and I was adamant about keeping them that way.”

Strozzi said that the process is totally collaborative and that there is still room to have some fun. So when picking your trademark look, know that you are not a slave to it. Your look should be interesting, but it should also be something that represents you and makes you comfortable in your skin instead of say an alter ego.

“I always want my clients to feel like themselves,” Strozzi said. “When they are comfortable enough to push some boundaries, I am there waiting with my red lipstick or blue cobalt eyeliner.”

We asked celebrity makeup artist Kristee Liu what happens when you work with an artist with a look with an undeniable signature like the incomparable Cher.

“What didn’t I learn from working with Cher!” Liu said. “She is such an inspiration and fun to work with.  In case you didn’t know, Cher has always done her own makeup and is a makeup expert! think the most valuable lessons I learned from her is probably how to deal with life itself.  Never apologize for being who you are, be kind to others and if you truly want something, you will figure out a way to get it.”

Well, those are lessons to brighten all of our star power or at least enhance our music festival look.