Celebrate Earth Month with PUR!

Happy Earth Month! Earth Month is all about taking time to protect and preserve the planet by recycling, reducing waste, and paying more attention to our daily habits that may be using up excess energy. Here at PUR, we celebrate the earth all year long through our clean ingredients and sustainable packaging. This week in the blog, we are going to highlight some of our favorite ingredients as well as our new packaging!


New Packaging

Good-for-You Ingredients

We *try* to pay a lot of attention to the food we put in our bodies, but what about what we put on our skin? While eating clean foods is great for our health, using clean ingredients on our skin is equally as important! We prioritize using good-for-your-skin ingredients to ensure that your skincare is both better for you and the environment. Take a look at some of our favorite ingredients below!


 Tone Up Niacinamide Firming Eye Serum


Aloe in skincare is a conditioning ingredient that helps hydrate and soothe the skin. You can find Aloe in Go with the Glow Niacinamide Drops to help soothe and soften skin, Tone Up Niacinamide Firming Eye Serum to help reduce the appearance of redness, Forever Clean Gentle Cleanser to help hydrate the skin, and more!


Self Soothing Nourishing Probiotic Mask

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a great ingredient for adding hydration and moisture back into the skin. You can find Shea Butter in Self Soothing Nourishing Probiotic Mask to help replenish the skin’s moisture barrier, 4-in-1 Cloud Cream Gel-to-Water Hydrating Essence Moisturizer to provide hydration deep into the skin, and in 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 to help condition the skin, and more.


Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower Seed Oil is a protective ingredient to add to our products as it helps protect the skin from environmental stressors and provides hydration. This skin-loving ingredient can be found in Silky Pout Creamy Lip Chubby to help protect your delicate lips, Fully Charged Mascara Powered by Magnetic Technology to helps fight premature lash fallout, and more!


Mellow Eyes Hemp Hydrogel Rejuvenating Eye Patches 

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil is one of our favorite ingredients to add into our formulas because of the benefits! This moisturizing ingredient helps soothe dry skin and improve overall skin comfort. You can find Hemp Seed Oil in our fan-favorite Mellow Eyes Hemp Hydrogel Rejuvenating Eye Patches to help retain the skin’s moisture and soothe dry skin for a smoother appearance, On Point Mascara with Hemp to help moisturize lashes, and Forever Soft Rejuvenating Lip Treatment to help hydrate dry skin for a smoother-looking appearance.




While we love celebrating Earth Month all year with our clean ingredients, we also celebrate Earth Month with our packaging! We have been shifting our packaging to be more eco-friendly with recyclable folding cartons, FSC-certified cartons, and biodegradable patches. Recycling your beauty products when empty is a great way to help support the planet.


To learn more about our clean ingredients, sustainable packaging, and bestselling beauty and skincare, head to purcosmetics.com