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Article: What are Soap Brows and Why Are They Trending?

What are Soap Brows and Why Are They Trending? - PÜR

What are Soap Brows and Why Are They Trending?

Like so many trends this past year, Tik Tok has gifted us yet another beauty hack, this time, how to help attain full & fluffy brows that we think are absolutely to-die-for. Whether you’re going for a natural, minimal #faceoftheday or a show-stopping statement brow for bright and bold glam, the Soap Brow Method is a super simple way to help tame and direct your brow hair for effortless, slicked-up looks.

But What Even Are Soap Brows?

While the term “Soap Brows” is often used in a general sense to describe the look and effect of these glossy, brushed-out brows, we’re using it more specifically to reference the technique of achieving them. Just like they sound, Soap Brows utilize a mixture of soap and setting spray to create high-definition, fanned-out brows.

We’re all about multi-action, multi-use makeup products, so we kind of nerded out when we discovered that the regular, glycerin-based soap bars we all most likely already have at home (a fresh one—not that ancient one in the corner of the shower) have gravity-defying powers that help lock brow hairs into place for all-day wear. Because of that, soap, and by extension “Soap Brows,” have evolved as an alternative to brow gel to help hold even the most stubborn of brow hairs in place for a long-lasting, fluffy yet polished look.

One reason we’re hopping on this trend is because it’s useful for all brow types, no matter whether we have naturally thick or thin brows. The Soap Brow technique instantly volumizes the appearance of thin brows for a more dramatic look. For more thick or uncooperative brows, this method helps shape and set brow hairs with an editorial-ready polish. And it’s beginner-friendly, so brow babes of any experience level can try this one out to up their brow game.

How Do You *Do* Soap Brows?

Here’s our PÜR and simple guide to soap brows, fit with all our secret tips and tricks to creating this slicked-up, faux-laminated look for fuller-looking statement brows.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Arch Nemesis 4-in-1 Dual-Ended Brow Pencil: Not only will our Arch Nemesis Brow Pencil come in super handy when it’s time to fill in any patches or add extra dimension to your brows, but it also comes with an ultra-defining spoolie brush to groom your brows, which you’ll need to brush in the soap paste.
  • Forever Clean Gentle Cleanser: Our choice of soap for the perfect soap brows is Forever Clean, our gentle, botanical-infused cleanser. We love this option because it contains Glycerin, a skin-loving ingredient that coats each hair to help coax them into place. Plus, traditional bar soaps can possibly irritate the skin, so this is a gentle, skin-soothing base for your brows.
  • Matte Mist Anti-Pollution Mattifying Setting Spray: A good setting spray will help hold your brows in place, but a *great* setting spray will help hold your brows in place and help protect skin from environmental stressors. This charcoal-infused setting spray will help lock in your look so that your soap brows last longer, all while helping protect skin from environmental stressors, like high energy visible blue light.

Here’s What to Do:

Step 1: Spray Spoolie Brush with Facial Mist Setting Spray

Spritz 3-5 spurts of Matte Mist Setting Spray onto your Arch Nemesis Spoolie Brush to prime the bristles.

Step 2: Apply Soap onto Spoolie Brush

Carefully create a suds-free soap paste by dispensing a small amount of Forever Clean onto the Arch Nemesis brush. We always think buildable is best, so start with a little and add more if you need.

Step 3: Comb Brows into Desired Shape

Brush up and away, manipulating the shape of your brows to your liking. Then, gently press the brows into place with your finger. Work quickly, as the soap dries fast!

Step 4: Fill in Your Brows

Once the soap is dry, fill in your brows with the best-selling Arch Nemesis 4-in-1 Dual-Ended Brow Pencil for an even, fuller, more defined look.

Enjoy your fluffy brows and let us know how it goes! Tag us in all your Soap Brow glory @purcosmetics on IG.

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