Vegan Beauty You Need Now


We are constantly striving for innovation. Each year, our development team gets together with our brand leaders to brainstorm new ways we can give you the trends you want while making your skin better. Any makeup brand can make you look pretty, but it is part of our DNA to make sure that we are taking care of your skin. This year, we focused on creating better makeup that fits your healthy, active lifestyle.

We started with Agave. We chose agave nectar over honey because it is vegan, but works similarly to restore moisture to the skin. Agave, is a succulent plant that is best known for its role in tequila and as a popular sweetener.  In skincare, the plant works as a humectant drawing water into the skin cells. Its binding properties help the skin remain hydrated for longer. The effect is a plumper more youthful appearance. We loved the effects so much we created the Blue Agave Mask and added agave to our new foundation Bare It All, our new eye shadow primer Get A Grip, our skin primer No Filter, and all of our lip products.

Our other new addition to our complexion formulas is our Energy Complex. Think of the Energy Complex as a multivitamin for the skin. It is a combination of ginseng, vitamin B and green tea which acts as a complement to our Ceretin Complex a combination of retinol and moisturizing ceramides that helps renew the skin’s appearance. Together, the ingredients help energize the skin’s metabolism.

Here is how it works: the retinol in our Ceretin Complex is helping to exfoliate the dull, dead, rough skin cells, while the ceramides are nourishing the skin underneath so they remain plump and healthy. The Energy Complex helps stimulate the process of skin repair by helping to neutralize free radicals that cause signs of aging and cheerleading the skin renewal process that helps the skin look brighter, firmer, and healthier. Our Energy Complex can be found in our Blue Agave Mask, Bare It All Foundation, and No Filter Primer.

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