Stress Relief for Your Skin with PÜR

We don’t want to stress you out, but did you know that stress can affect the look of your skin? When you’re in a tizzy night and day, your body responds by upping its production of the stress hormone cortisol and throwing your skin’s microbiome out of whack. The key to treating “stress skin? Get to the root of the problem and help reduce those stressors.

At PÜR, stress-relief lives on Nabela Noor’s Instagram. Noor, the CEO, author of Beautifully Me, and soon-to-be mama, curates a peaceful, minimalist paradise of a space with airy accents and lots of light. Just looking at it definitely qualifies as self-care, and so do our PÜR xo Nabela skin care and makeup products. Made with self-love and self-care in mind, these Turmeric Extract-infused skincare and makeup favorites may help your skin look brighter AND help you take a few moments out of the day for you. Stress can seem unavoidable, but here are a few tried-and-true self-care indulgences, including some PÜR xo Nabela products we love to unwind with.

  1. Meditation & Mindfulness. Find a “sit spot” out in nature or in a quiet place in your home and do nothing (on purpose) for twenty minutes each day. Even taking a few deep breaths can be enough to trigger the body’s relaxation response. Our favorite way to get those twenty mindful minutes? Reset with PÜR xo Nabela Reset Detoxifying Mask. This gently exfoliating skin care mask helps remove pore-clogging impurities and brighten the appearance of dull skin. PÜR xo Nabela Reset Detoxifying Mask is made with Kaolin Clay to help gently remove pore-clogging impurities and Pomegranate Enzyme that acts as a natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid to help gently exfoliate dull, dead skin. Gently massage into skin for one minute and then let the Reset begin!
  1. Limit Screen Time. Whether it’s your inbox or the nightly news, the blue light from screens isn’t always beneficial for your skin or your stress level. Turning off the devices—especially before bed—and taking some time for you is always a great idea. What does “self-care” look like? At PÜR, look no further than PÜR xo Nabela Refresh Brightening Cleanser with Turmeric. Pamper your skin with this gel cleanser infused that combines Turmeric Extract, Papaya Extract, and Pomegranate Enzyme to help hydrate and exfoliate skin. “Stress skin” can have that dull, “blah” look—the Turmeric Extract in Refresh helps brighten the appearance of skin, and the Pomegranate Enzyme acts as a natural AHA to help gently exfoliate. Healthier looking skin = one less thing to stress about!
  2. Get Outside! Going for a jog or a stroll in a green space gets antioxidants flowing, helping your microbiome protect your skin from environmental stressors that can damage the skin. Studies say that even ten minutes in a green space—whether it’s a National Park or the courtyard outside your office—can be enough to help alleviate stress. Before you head to your local botanical garden, use some botanicals to pamper your lips with PÜR xo Nabela Celebrate You Creamy Lip Chubby! Infused with Sunflower Seed Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract, this conditioning jumbo lip pencil helps prevent signs of aging skin and protect skin from environmental stressors. A chic shade of Shundori pink, the PÜR xo Nabela Celebrate You Creamy Lip Chubby also never needs sharpening—one less task on your to-do list!

  1. Say “No” More Often. Toxic positivity is so prevalent, it can feel like we should always be screaming “Yes!” to every opportunity or challenge. But setting boundaries and not biting off more than you can chew can help you limit stressors in your life. Want to look like a boss babe while politely declined those extra tasks? The PÜR xo Nabela Embrace Your Face Eye & Cheek Palette features velvety soft eyeshade, blush, and highlighter powders with skin-conditioning skin care ingredients like Turmeric Extract and Pomegranate Enzyme. The glam neutral looks you’ll create with this palette can also help brighten the appearance of your complexion, and the compact palette makes for stress-free application as well.