It’s National Skincare Awareness Month

If some of the upcoming fall makeup trends have inspired you, then you know that one thing is for sure, this season fresh face beauty is in! And since September is National Skincare Awareness Month, we’ve decided that this is the perfect time to help you better understand your skin and your skin care routine. Let PÜR, and Global Education Director and Licensed Esthetician at PÜR Lynnette Cole, help your skin look and feel its best as we move into National Skincare Awareness Month and beyond… because healthy-looking skin is always in, regardless of the season.

Understanding Your Skin Type


So, let us start by saying that there is no such thing as “normal skin.” Skin is always evolving and can change over time, even on a day-to-day basis. People with this skin type tend to have the appearance of a more balanced complexion with a healthy oil/water balance.


Oily skin can secrete more oils, giving you the feel and appearance of shiny or greasy-looking skin. People with oily skin will often be more blemish-prone.


Your skin ages and over time and could develop the appearance of wrinkles or sagging skin. And although we cannot turn back the hands of time, we can help address the early signs of aging and help your skin appear fresher and more youthful-looking.


Dry skin can occur at any age and with any skin type. People with dry skin will sometimes have more sensitive or drier-looking skin. We recommend those with dry skin to use gentle skin care products that help improve the texture and feel of skin.


Those with combination skin have both normal and oily areas, often with excess oil production typically occurring in the t-zone.

Addressing Skincare Concerns


Normal skin types could benefit from ingredients like Aloe and Energy Complex, to help soothe skin and rejuvenate skin for a fresher look and feel.

Pro Tip: Cleanse the day away with Melt Away and Forever Clean to help remove dirt and debris while nourishing the skin.


Dry skin types require ingredients like Agave Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate, that lock in lasting hydration for a luminous glow.

Pro Tip: Add drops of Precious Metals Shimmering Dry Oil Elixir into your favorite moisturizer for an added boost of hydration. We recommend the 4-in-1 Cloud Cream or Submerge Overnight Anti-Pollution Moisturizer


Combination skin types require ingredients that help promote overall skin wellness, like the Energy Complex and Ceretin® Complex.

Pro Tip: Try the Balancing Act Mattifying Skin Perfecting Powder and Matte Mist face mist to help control excess oil in the T-zone. The CBD Hydrating Skin Primer is also great for combination skin.


Oily skin types benefit from ingredients that help refine skin texture and tone, like salicylic acid, for visibly brighter, healthier-looking skin.

Pro Tip: Use a detoxifying mask, like Downtown Detox, followed with the Submerge Overnight Anti-Pollution Moisturizer 2-3 times a week to deep cleanse congested pores.


Aging skin requires moisture and skin-brightening ingredients to help freshen the appearance of aging skin.

Pro Tip: Use a brightening serum like Ceretin™ Serum Age-Defying Concentrate  4-5 times per week followed with a moisturizer with anti-aging properties like the Get A Lift Age-Defying Moisturizer. Follow these steps with a nourishing eye treatment like the Eyedentity Luxe Firming Eye Cream.

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