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Article: How to Take Your On Point Eyeshadow Look from Day to Night!

How to Take Your On Point Eyeshadow Look from Day to Night! - PÜR Beauty

How to Take Your On Point Eyeshadow Look from Day to Night!

So many plans, so little time—right, PÜR beauties? Even though day and night are two different makeup universes, we almost never have time to go home from work and re-do our whole glam from scratch before heading out for a date or cocktails with your girl gang. It’s tough to create the look you want for night in the morning—that smokey, winged eye look might be right at home in your favorite wine bar, but it could make you feel a little over-dressed at the office. So what’s a busy lady to do? Stash your NEW On Point Eye Palette in your purse and try out these trips for taking your eyeshadow from day to night.


  1. Prime Those Eyes

Get a smooth-as-butter base and a little more longevity for your look by applying eyeshadow primer to your lids in the morning before you create your daytime look. A good eye primer will have a slightly tacky base that helps grip your shadow into place and keep it from creasing on you. Try to take a few moments to let the primer dry a bit before you start building your eye look, and be sure to blend your chosen primer (we like Get a Grip Endurance Eyeshadow Primer) all over the lid AND under your eye as well.

Get a Grip Endurance Eyeshadow Primer


  1. Wake Up Your Skin with a Setting Spray

It’s 4:45 PM and you’re dying to reset your glam for your evening plans. Don’t be too hasty! Before going in with your favorite On Point palette, spritz a setting spray on your face to give your skin a boost of moisture. Near the end of the day, your once-glossy makeup look may be a tad dry, so a bit of Lit Mist Illuminating Setting Spray or Miracle Mist Hydrating Spray can help “wake up” the skin and get a bit of dewiness back in your complexion. 

Lit Mist Illuminating Setting Spray


  1. Add a Glitter Topper

It’s finally time to retouch your shadow! One of the simplest ways to add a bit of glitz to your office-approved eye look is with a glitter topper. Working with your Wednesday palette? If you created a neutral look in the morning with On the Go and Polo Club, take some of the Coffee Date shade over the center of your eyelid to spruce up the look for nighttime. Shades like Friday Jr. in the Thursday palette, Sunset Cruise in the Friday palette, and Dancing Queen in the Saturday palette all make A + glitter toppers to revamp your neutral eyeshadow.

On Point Eyeshadow Palettes


  1. Deepen Shadow in the Outer V

After you clock out, it’s time to bring the drama to your look! The lower light in the evening hours means your makeup can incorporate bolder colors and more contrast. If you have your Friday eyeshadow palette handy, you could add a bit of the darker brown T.G.I.F. shade to your outer corner and drag it up into your crease to create an evening-friendly look.

On Point Eyeshadow Palettes


  1. Wing it Out

Caution: this technique for bumping your shadow from day to night requires you to squirrel away some makeup essentials or have the foresight to stow them in your purse. If you’ve got an angled eyeshadow brush handy, you can take a darker shade like Walk of Shame from your Saturday palette or Taxi, Please from your Thursday palette and create a shadow wing to take your eye look from sophisticated to sultry in just a few seconds.

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