Get Kim Kardashian West’s Best Features with Cameo Contour

Cameo Contour, our innovative and dual-ended contour stick has just turned two! When contouring became the hottest trend by celebrities like KKW (Kim Kardashian West), we sought out to make highlighting and contouring easier for those that don’t have a makeup artist on call. This makeup hack was hard to master with regular foundation, concealers and brushes and could be expensive when you rounded up all the tools needed to make it look effortless. So, we made Cameo Contour dual-ended so you didn’t have to second guess which dark and light shades would complement each other and we also added a multifunctional sponge that made blending easy. (We even included step-by-step instructions in case a YouTube tutorial got too confusing.) All in all, Cameo Contour was designed to deliver red carpet worthy depth and dimension that makes flawless contouring an unexpected victory for the everyday girl.

However, the true innovation is in the formula. With both a highlighting and sculpting shade in one convenient product, this contour stick allows you to create perfect dimension in a flash. Made with natural, light-reflective ingredients that resemble microspheres, the creamy formula emphasizes your face’s natural high points and shadows while blurring imperfections and sets itself to a lightweight, powder finish. The best part? Cameo Contour also multitasks as a foundation. It’s packed with all of the ingredients you want in a foundation such as PÜR’s age-defying Ceretin® Complex, a skin-nourishing blend of hydrating ceramides and skin-perfecting Vitamin A.  What does this mean exactly? This contour stick not only improves the look of your facial features, it also improves the look of your skin too ” which makes it preventative from some and corrective for others.

After its launch two years ago, beauty influencers were the first to add it to their beauty arsenal. It has become an everyday staple in makeup artist and beauty influencer Angel Merino’s makeup bag. Angel, also known as @mac_daddyy, can be seen putting the beauty tool to work here.

Laura Lee, also know as @larlarlee, describes it best: “It gives you the benefit of a cream contour as far as lasting a long time and it’s going to be way more easier to blend out than a regular cream contour because it blends out to a soft powder.” Best of all, “it will make you look flawless in pictures.”

Dulce Candy gushed about it in a YouTube review: “It’s a cream-to-powder formula so you don’t have to add any powders on top unless you want to do a crazy transformation… That’s it! You are out the door. You’re highlighted. You’re contoured and you have coverage (that’s not heavy) at the same time.”

Even Women’s Fitness Magazine called it one of their “beauty heroes” for making “light work of contouring.”

We’re celebrating this milestone because for two years we have made a professional beauty secret a no-brainer for women worldwide ” especially for our loyal customers who craved celebrity looks. “Love this product. It glides on easy and blends out like a dream,” said Charlie B., a PÜR customer. “The application and blending of this product are very fast so it is perfect for daytime use.”

Chiseled features are just five minutes away with Cameo Contour. What are you waiting for?