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Article: Brighter Eyes with Johnny Saade

Brighter Eyes with Johnny Saade - PÜR

Brighter Eyes with Johnny Saade

Are you tired? No. Are you tired of people asking you that? Yes? We’ve all looked ourselves in the mirror and realized that our eyes don’t look their best. Whether you’ve had a long flight, not enough sleep or just a rough start, sometimes we have to fake “awake” and it doesn’t involve a cappuccino. We asked makeup artist Johny Saade, who has used this trick on Chrissy Teigen and Rosario Dawson, how to get brighter eyes.

“It’s a combination of makeup and a good eye cream,” Johny said. “The skin around the eyes is the thinnest so you have to make sure the under eye area is hydrated. A good eye treatment can help with the depuffing. Eye drops help reduce redness and the blue drops that you can only get in Europe or overseas make the whites of your eyes whiter.”

We dabbed our HydraGel Lift around our eyes immediately, it’s practically coffee for your eyes; it has caffeine and encapsulated water , and listened intently.

Johny instructed us to use a flesh-toned eye pencil on your water line. We used Hello Bright Eyes on our dual-ended Wake Up Brow Pencil. He told us to apply a light shimmery eye shadow to the lid and a little highlighter under the eyes to reflect light. We patted Eye Polish in Cashmere on our lids and brushed a little Twilight from the Moonlight Glow Strobe/Highlight Palette along the bottom lash line. He also recommended that we curled our lashes. Then, voila  magic. We’re having a brighter day already. No nap needed.

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