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Article: #BlurredSkin: Get the Trend in 4 PÜR Simple Steps

#BlurredSkin: Get the Trend in 4 PÜR Simple Steps - PÜR Beauty

#BlurredSkin: Get the Trend in 4 PÜR Simple Steps

While we’re personally hoping for things to come a bit more into focus in our lives at the moment, the #BlurredSkin trend is the one instance where we’re thankful for blurred lines. When it comes to skin, that soft-focus, dewy filter look is all the rage, from the red carpet to TikTok and everywhere in between. Some have lauded #BlurredSkin as the simple way to an editorial, airbrushed appearance while others have put it forth as *the* look for natural light selfies.

Regardless, with a vanishing effect that makes you want to get out a magnifying glass, the #BlurredSkin trend definitely has our attention for more flawless-looking and timeless makeup looks. Soft-focus up for these four simple steps to achieving the PÜR Blur.

1. Time to Prime

Ready, set, prime! Set your skin up for soft-focus success by starting off the look with a primer application. A primer is the glue that holds your glow together to prevent those shiny, cakey mid-day creases that really harsh the vibe. Help mattify the complexion and lock your makeup into place with PÜR’s 4-in-1 Correcting Primer Hydrate & Balance.

What we love about this multi-tasking, must-have primer is the skincare-infused formula; not only does this primer help create a base for coverage of skin imperfections, but it helps address them. With PÜR’s Proprietary Ceretin Complex, Shea Butter, Pentavitin, Grape Seed Extract and more, this star-studded skincare treatment helps promote a brighter and smoother-looking complexion, encouraging us to feel comfortable in our own skin.

TO APPLY: Simply spread onto freshly moisturized skin. Allow to dry, then follow with your favorite PÜR foundation.

2. Conceal to Feel

There’s a special type of relief saved for that After Concealer moment, when our skin imperfections are blurred away for the day. With PÜR’s 4-in-1 Sculpting Concealer, blend out seamless coverage to improve the appearance of blemishes, redness, and fine lines and wrinkles for a more even-looking skin tone. Help brighten the appearance of your skin, especially the delicate, dark under eye area for a more refined-looking complexion.

Featuring PÜR’s Proprietary Ceretin Complex, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Caffeine, this multi-tasking concealer helps condition and revitalize the skin to help create a glowing look.

TO APPLY: Apply a small amount to the desired area and smooth on with fingers or a brush. Pro Tip: Pairs perfectly with our bestselling 4-In-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation With Skincare Ingredients.

3. Balance It Out

One of the most iconic features of the #BlurredSkin trend is the seamless, consistent color and coverage throughout the skin. Following your concealer with a lightweight powder helps manage oil control and minimize shine for a luminous ~ Who is she? ~ glowing look.

We recommend PÜR’s silky Skin Perfecting Balancing Act Shine Control Powder to leave behind a luxe, soft matte finish that has you ready to take on the selfie game. Help keep shine at bay without adding coverage with this skincare-infused formula that helps to blur the appearance of pores and imperfections for a flawless-looking, matte complexion.

TO APPLY: Using the Blurring Powder Brush, lightly sweep Balancing Act over any shiny areas on the face for a fresh, natural-matte finish.

4. All Set

Lock in your complete #BlurredSkin look with a setting spray like PÜR’s Matte Mist Anti-Pollution Mattifying Setting Spray with Charcoal to help mattify the complexion. We love Matte Mist for its dual-action design. In addition to helping set your makeup, it also helps protect skin from environmental stressors, like high energy visible blue light.

Refresh skin with a spritz of Matte Mist’s antioxidant-infused skincare formula that helps bring balance to oily and combination skin types for reduced appearance of shine and a natural-looking glow.

TO APPLY: Shake well before use. With eyes closed, hold the bottle 8-10 inches away from the face and evenly spray 2-3 pumps before or after makeup application. Reapply throughout the day to refresh the skin.

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