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Sustainability at butter LONDON

Sustainable Packaging

butter LONDON practices sustainability with the packaging of our products. Our Patent Shine 10x Nail Laquer hues do not come in a folding cartridge to help limit excess packaging. We do not wrap any products in plastic when packaging products to help reduce our waste for the environment. Our Patent Shine 10x Nail Laquer bottles are made of glass and can be recycled once the product has run out.

Upcycling Products

We suggest upcycling our makeup and skincare components. Our Champagne Fizz Manicure Candle comes in a small container that can be reused once the wax of the candle has run out. We suggest repurposing the candle as a planter, a place to store nail tools, or a catchall dish. Another way to upcycle makeup products is by saving our mascara brushes. When you run out of mascara, thoroughly rinse and clean the mascara wand to be used as a brush for eyebrows or eyelashes. Another way toupcyccle products is to reuse the packaging. Our Queen's Tea 12-Piece Nail and Treatment Vault comes in a reusable container, as well as our butter LONDON X Caboodles collaboration that comes with a Caboodle to store nail or beauty products.

Sustainable Tools

Along with sustainability of our packaging, we also offer environmentally friendly nail tools. Our Signature Glass Cuticle Pusher and Signature Glass Nail Tools can easily be sanitized for long-term use, unlike traditional nail files that are prone to buildup and need to be thrown away after extended use.

Sustainable Ingredients

butter LONDON products use a variation of sustainable ingredients, such as fatty oils like Coconut Oil or Avocado Oil, fruit extracts, such as Lemon Extract and Apricot Seed Powder, different butters, such as Cocoa Seed Butter and Mango Butter, and much, much more. We also pride ourselves on always being creulty ffree, meaning we do not test on animals or harm animals in the making and testing of any beauty or skincare products.