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    Whether you live a vegan lifestyle or choose to be mindful of leaning towards using more vegan makeup and skincare items that are free of animal-derived ingredients, we can help. All PÜR products are cruelty-free, meaning they are never tested on animals. On the forefront of refusing to test makeup and skincare products on animals, we also carry cosmetic products that are purely vegan. Under this vegan tab, you will find makeup and skincare products that are purely vegan (think serums, a firming facial cream, an illuminating setting spray, a hydrating mask set, a color-changing clay mask or dry oil elixir). Reach for an intense hydrating moisturizer that’s made with nourishing, vegan ingredients. From a gentle cleanser, deep pore cleanser and gel oil makeup remover, it’s easy to find skincare that’s vegan. PÜR is a compassionate 100% cruelty-free cosmetic brand! When looking for vegan makeup and vegan skincare, keep an eye out for beauty products labeled as vegan. It is possible to get the skincare and makeup items you crave and maintain a vegan face. Cruelty-free, vegan makeup and vegan skincare products are easy to find. By purchasing vegan cosmetics, you can feel good in knowing that the demand for vegan makeup and vegan skincare can intensify.

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