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Article: It's Time to Spring Clean... Your Makeup Brushes!

It's Time to Spring Clean... Your Makeup Brushes! - PÜR Beauty

It's Time to Spring Clean... Your Makeup Brushes!

We all probably hate to admit it, but let’s face it, no one likes to clean, at least not most of us. But, with winter gone it’s about that time again–time to spring clean… but we’re not talking about your basement or the trunk of your car, we’re talking about your makeup brushes and skin care tools. Many Dermatologists recommend washing your makeup brushes and skin care tools every other week. Although that may seem excessive, it is essential to clean your makeup tools to remove built-up makeup, bacteria, dirt and build up. Regardless of the season, cleaning your skincare and makeup brushes is a necessary step in your beauty routine to ensure that you are not transferring bacteria back onto your face, which could lead to breakouts. As The Complexion Authority™, we know how good our cleansers are for the skin, and this is why we recommend using them to clean your brushes. Just as well as they perform on your skin, they perform well on your makeup brushes. Now, who doesn’t love multi-tasking products? 

Let’s Begin

Choose the right cleanser

We recommend using Forever Clean Gentle Cleanser. Forever Clean gently lathers away dirt, excess oil and stubborn makeup with maximum foam that’s sulfate-free. The clear, vegan-friendly formula breaks down unwanted daily impurities without being too harsh, which is great for your makeup brushes.

And if you are bad about cleaning your makeup brushes (we’re not judging) try using, See No More Deep Pore Cleanser for an even deeper clean. See No More Deep Pore Cleanser is uniquely formulated to deep clean with added essential oils, like invigorating peppermint oil extract!

Get to Cleaning!

Now that you have chosen a cleanser, it’s time to get started. 

Step 1. Wet the bristles with lukewarm water.

Step 2. Place a drop of your favorite cleanser into the palm of your clean hand or on the tip of the brush.

Step 3. Gently massage the tips of the bristles back and forth in your palm.

Step 4. Rinse the bristles thoroughly.

Step 5. Squeeze out the excess water and lay flat to dry Lastly, as important as it is to clean your brushes, it is also important to replace them as needed. PÜR has fantastic cruelty free brushes  to choose from when the time comes to replace your tools. And if you just can’t be bothered washing your brushes, try using the Pillow Blend Collection. These silicone sponge tools are perfect for breakout-prone skin because they don’t harbor bacteria. Cleanup is quick and easy. Unlike having to deep clean your makeup brushes, these applicators can be wiped clean easily between applications with soap and water or makeup wipes, so you can spend more time doing your makeup!

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