Help Protect Your Skin From Blue Light

It’s no secret that we are using technology for almost everything these days, and with more people working or studying from home, our screen time exposure has increased significantly. With the average person spending 2-4 hours a day on their phone, and an average of 6 hours a day behind a computer or tablet, we are possibly exposing ourselves to more blue light than ever before. But what can we do to protect ourselves? Most people know to put on sunscreen before going outside. Still, they have no idea that it can be beneficial to protect their skin indoors from the blue light that is often emitted by electronic devices, like computers, tablets and smartphones. Blue light, also known as (HIGH ENERGY VISIBLE) light, has studies showing that it can cause premature aging and cause damage to the skin.


But, don’t fret PÜR beauties, you can breathe easy knowing that PÜR offers good-for-skin ingredients that help you to continue to enjoy your lifestyle, without compromise.

Check out the amazing PÜR products designed to help you avoid “tech-skin.”

4-in-1 Love Your Selfie™ | Longwear Foundation and Concealer

This medium-to-full coverage foundation & concealer helps shield skin from environmental stressors, like pollution and helps protect skin against damage caused by exposure to daily high energy visible blue light. Choose your perfect match from 100 vegan-friendly shades—consisting of cool (pink), neutral, and warm (gold) undertones—that seamlessly blend onto the skin for an airbrushed-looking glow that’s universally flattering.

Out of the Blue | Light Up Hydrating Lip Balm
Prep and prime lips to perfection with this Light Up Hydrating Lip Balm that conditions and seals in moisture for kissable lips all day long. Infused with soothing Vitamin E, this gorgeous shimmer, gold glitter lip balm appears clear on the lips for a soft, full pout that lasts. 

Out of the Blue | Light Up High Shine Lip Gloss
It’s time to pucker up to a new take on lipgloss Lightweight and highly pigmented, the Light Up High Shine Lip Gloss utilizes gel technology to coat lips in multidimensional color that wows with intense shine for kissable lips no matter the occasion. Available in 4 different lipgloss colors.

Out of the Blue | Light Up Vanity Blush Palette
This unique 3-piece complexion trio is comprised of two luminous blush shades and a radiant highlighter that seamlessly blend together to instantly add a flawless pop of color to any skin tone. Choose from 2 different makeup palette colors.

Out of the Blue | Light Up Vanity Eyeshadow Palette
This Light Up Vanity Eyeshadow Palette with blue light defense is filled with 12 obsession-worthy matte and shimmer eyeshadow shades to help you create universally flattering eye makeup looks. 

Lit Mist | Illuminating Setting Spray

This refreshing skincare and makeup setting spray is infused with antioxidants to help protect skin against environmental stressors, such as high energy visible blue light, throughout the day. Energy Complex, that’s made from a signature blend of Green Tea, Ginseng and Vitamin B, delivers good-for-your-skin nutrients in just one spritz! 

4-in-1 Cloud Cream Moisturizer

With ingredients like, soothing Green Algae Extract to help protect skin from damage caused by visible blue light, a common environmental stressor that can cause damage to the skin. The innovative Gel-to-Water Hydrating Essence Moisturizer cream moisturizer magically transforms upon application. 

Forever Clean Gentle Cleanser

Cleanse the day away with Forever Clean, a refreshing, sulfate-free Gentle Facial Cleanser that melts away makeup and is packed with antioxidant-rich skincare ingredients to nourish and help counter against the damage caused by exposure to daily, high energy visible blue light.

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